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Resolutions and Goals

At the New Year, people make their annual New Year’s Resolutions that are almost always never kept. The more seasoned (jaded?) people have learned that resolutions are futile because they know they won’t keep them and in the end, feel guilty for failing. Unfortunately, they also forego setting goals as well, which are very different […]

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Set Your Goals

Just a year ago, you were setting goals for 2009. Right? You were setting 2009 goals, weren’t you? (the answer should be yes). Good. So I’ll continue. As you compare your goals to the results you got, how did you do? What went well? What didn’t quite get there? Where did you fail miserably? I […]

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A Grateful Attitude

Leaders Have One Have you heard this: “Say thanks? For what? It’s what they get paid for! And they barely earn that.” Worse…have you actually said it? I’m sure you’re not one of them, but there are some professionals who think they are the only ones who work in their firms and the others don’t […]

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Tiger and You

As the Tiger Woods story unfolds, I’ve been intrigued by the public’s fascination by it. What is it that people can’t get enough of? Are they feasting on the demise of another person or is this just another reality TV episode, only it’s real? The essential question is how did Tiger get into this situation […]

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I’ll Do It Later

Is this you? You’re really busy this week, with lots of deadlines to meet. But as soon as the dust clears, you plan to start working on the other things that need to get done. You know, the ones without a deadline. I’ll get to it as soon as I can. But how long has […]

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