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Your Part In Failure

I had a couple of great coaching calls last week where a common theme was raised. Hence, this message. When you work on a project or engagement, what is the ultimate goal? The usual and standard mantra is to complete it on time, on budget and at the quality expected. While none of this is […]

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Freedom In Motivating Yourself

I just read a HBR article that opened with describing the challenges that managers have in motivating their staff. Then the author went on to explain how to create a motivating environment. It’s a good article but I think it’s important to clarify something. Shaping the environment that motivates is your manager’s job. Motivating yourself […]

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Take Control of Yourself

Research shows that those who perceive they have a higher sense of control over their lives demonstrate better mental health, live healthier and live longer. It’s called locus of control and everyone is on the continuum somewhere, representing their overall belief in their ability to influence their lives. And it affects your performance as well. […]

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To Shape Or Be shaped?

All of your behavior has been learned. You have picked up along the way everything you do and the way you do it. What you learned made sense at the time, given all the variables, like existing technology, best practice and what others around you were doing. Because you learned it, you can also relearn […]

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Get Over Yourself

In order to be a contributing partner or manager, you have to live beyond the borders of your comfort zone. How many times have you said, “But I’m not comfortable doing that” (insert your least favorite responsibility in a whiny-butt whimper). To which I ask, SO WHAT? What does it matter that you don’t like […]

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Getting Better

A few months ago, I began working with a senior manager. When we started, she was discouraged with what seemed to be a stalled career, feeling stressed by unhappy clients and frustrated with partners who were unresponsive. She was discouraged, losing interest in her work, and she felt her attitude slipping.    Over the next […]

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