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The Best Time to Change

Early on when I had a clinical counseling practice, one of my clients would call me after he broke up with his latest girlfriend. We would review his experience to learn what he should do differently next time. Then we would part ways until months later, when he would call me following his latest break […]

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How Do You View Your Work?

For the past two weeks, professionals have weighed in on how they view their work on a poll on this website’s homepage. There is no statistical significance to the findings, but it’s always interesting to me how people view their profession. The poll results are in and you indicated several things. 1. Better than half of the professionals […]

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The Leader’s Calendar

Over the years of working with professional service providers, I’ve noticed a disctinct difference wicalendars of leaders. A quick glance will reveal if I’m looking at a leader’s calendar or not. A leader’s calendar has three characteristics. First, there is time set aside for planning. I wrote about this a few weeks ago and continue […]

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Havin’ Fun Yet?

A while back, one of my colleagues would periodically ask, “Are you having fun, yet?” At first it was amusing. After a while, it became annoying. One time, while I was under pressure to get something done, he asked the question again. Enough is enough, so I cornered him as to why he keeps asking […]

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Poll Results: When Things Don’t Get Done

The last poll asked you for the reasons why you don’t get things done on time. Of course, it assumes that you don’t, at least some of the time. Don’t take it personally—it’s just a reality of professional service. There are client demands, administrative tasks, firm-related projects and meetings, and staff who need your guidance. […]

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