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Poll Results: When Things Don’t Get Done

The last poll asked you for the reasons why you don’t get things done on time. Of course, it assumes that you don’t, at least some of the time. Don’t take it personally—it’s just a reality of professional service. There are client demands, administrative tasks, firm-related projects and meetings, and staff who need your guidance. […]

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Prioritize Your Priorities

  Here are two questions for you. First, How many times has the end of the week arrived and you still have some important project, engagement or activity unfinished?  Second, and more important, How many times does this have to happen to you before you do something about it?   What a terrible way to […]

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Don’t Change—Expand

 Most of my time is spent coaching professionals to identify and live into their next level. Everyone has a next level and if they aren’t progressing toward it, they aren’t growing or living into their highest contributions to their clients, colleagues and staff. Now, when some professionals hear “personal growth,” they imagine that they have […]

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Coach Your Staff Well

One of the joys of my work is to spend time with bright, capable people who are interested in becoming more effective in what they do. One of my clients attended a seminar on performance coaching—how to guide people to improve their performance. You don’t know her but you know people like her. In fact, […]

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The 20% that Matters Most

As a partner in your firm, you have so much to do and oversee. Yet Pareto’s Law states that 80% of the value you produce comes from only 20% of your efforts. Do you know what 20% you should be concentrating on? Probably not.   Everything you decide to do at any particular moment you […]

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