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Something Better Than Gratitude

In this season of gratitude, it got me thinking of the research that has shown the benefits of being thankful to your physical, emotional and mental health. It’s more than you might imagine. This has been verified through studies over the past 50 years, although humanity has known it for centuries. However, in one particular […]

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Take a Risk. Be Remarkable

While listening to a former coach, now a sports commentator, I was struck by a comment he made as he evaluated an inexperienced quarterback. His assessment was that the young athlete took too many risks and needed to dial it back a bit. That said, he concluded his remarks by saying, “But I would rather […]

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Follow Through or Come Through?

Every procedure, process and system is designed to produce a result. It has been tested and can be relied on to accomplish a desired end. The thinking is that if you follow the sequence or procedure, you will get the intended result. But what if you, having completed the procedure or process, still don’t get […]

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I Don’t Have My Wallet

For those of you who are sports fans, you know that last week was the beginning of the NCAA basketball tournament. So I found myself at a local sports bar to see the most important game of the day (go WVU ‘Eers!) Having won the game and finishing my meal, it was time to check […]

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What Have You Done?

I often wonder what you do with these weekly Monday messages. They are meant to move you to pay attention to your professionalism, so here’s your opportunity to determine for yourself how much you use them. I’ve taken the main idea expressed in each of the weeks since the first of the year so you […]

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I’m all about you attaining your highest professional stature and making significant contributions to the benefit of others. That’s the essence of this weekly message and your professional service. So you can imagine how interested I was when I stumbled upon a survey conducted by Joseph Grenny (coauthor of Crucial Conversations), finding that 97% of […]

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Knock It Out Of The Park

I write these weekly messages to motivate, inspire and challenge you to focus your energy and actions that will make you the professional you aspire to be. The goal is always to stimulate you to assume responsibility for your progress and your career. After all, it’s too easy for you to perform the same way […]

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Turn Fear To Anticipation

You know that feeling you get when you have to do something you’re not looking forward to? It’s a dull, sickening sensation that makes you want to ignore it or run away—anything but take it on because you fear or dread it. Yeah, that feeling is bad news. Now, you may not have noticed, but […]

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Assess Your Leader Progress

It’s fairly difficult to assume a career as a professional and not take leadership seriously. Even if you don’t aspire to a leader role, you are or will be elevated to lead your clients, client work and younger staff. That being the case, you need to invest in your leadership development. So let’s assess how […]

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What Do You Tolerate?

I just returned from a counselor’s continuing education conference. Besides being able to geek out with my colleagues about behavior theory and practice, I co-presented an ethics seminar with a complaint investigator. Yes, I really did enjoy it. One of the concepts we discussed applies to all professionals. It’s called Normalized Deviation, which means that […]

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