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The Important Question

In your firm there are partners and managers who do things that irritate you, grate on you and otherwise make life unpleasant for you. They make promises they don’t keep. They agree to do things they don’t do. They don’t communicate with you or others. Their quality of work is sometimes lacking. They over-commit and […]

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Irrational Control

Irrational Control Your career is all about transition. It’s the nature of professional service. You’re either preparing for a new role, living into a new role or preparing to fill a role you are vacating. Yet how easy it is to resist making the necessary changes as you progress in your career.  You continue to […]

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A Different R&R

When I ask professionals what makes them successful, they almost always refer to their technical expertise. Their education, experience and continued training have positioned them to be experts in their fields, at least enough so as to distinguish themselves from others. But their answer is only partly right. Technical ability isn’t sufficient by itself. It’s […]

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The Second R

Last week I wrote about how important it is to distinguish yourself from other professionals beyond technical competence. Clients already assume you’re competent because you have a license and you’re in business with other clients. Therefore, you have to communicate how you’re different from your colleagues or else you will be perceived as the same […]

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Getting Better

A few months ago, I began working with a senior manager. When we started, she was discouraged with what seemed to be a stalled career, feeling stressed by unhappy clients and frustrated with partners who were unresponsive. She was discouraged, losing interest in her work, and she felt her attitude slipping.    Over the next […]

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